Property Inspectors

Some of the best money you will ever spend!

Hiring a great inspector will give you a "snapshot" of the current condition of the home you are buying! They will provide insight and tips for the maintance of your home as well. The results of the inspection will determine how we proceed with the transaction!

I always recommend a Whole House inspection.  The inspector will look at all mechanical aspects of the home as well as the general structure!  I also recommend a termite inspection and radon testing! There are other inspections that can be ordered, based on agen and condition of the home, these include, but are not limited to ... structural assessments, chimney inspections, sewer line scopes, septic inspections, and mold testing. 

The following inspectors have all done a great job for my clients!  Review their websites and let me if you would like to hire one of them, or someone of your own choosing! I will schedule them for you. I will also attend the inspection and highly encourage you to attend, if possible!


Complete Home Inspections

Crown Home Inspections

Home Team Inspections

Metro Property Inspectors


Weavers Exterminators


Norton & Schmidt Consulting Engineers
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